E is for Effortless


Happy Saturday my beautiful fashionistas! Today I am really excited to tell you that I am officially a member of one of the most amazing communities, Fashion Bloggers Venezuela. Being part of a community full of fashion and extremely talented people makes me really happy because I know that I will meet incredible people with passion that love what I love as much as I do.

We all know that after partying too much there is nothing but tiredness. That’s why  January’s challenge in the community is based on an outfit completely “effortless”. And by effortless I don’t mean a completely crazy and messy outfit, but a look that doesn’t need something extravagant or eccentric to make yourself look stunning in 5 min. A fast, easy and in style outfit (of course, comfy as well).

For the #RetoEffortless I decided to wear an oversized button-up shirt, and if I tell you whose shirt is it, you will for sure laugh out loud (Yes, it is my dad’s). Not but really the result was definitely amazing because even though the shirt was huge, it made me feel super comfortable and at the same time classy. I combined the oversized shirt with some a bit ripped jeans and pink pastel sneakers. These mix of light shades and subtle tones will absolutely help you when creating a nice outfit in a matter of seconds. The reason? Is because as they are neutral colors, combining and matching is just an easy task. These tones give you not only tranquility but also make you feel ready and powerful to eat the whole world as soon as you set a foot out of your house.



Feliz sabado mis hermosas fashionistas! Estoy muy contenta de anunciarles que soy oficialmente parte de una comunidad grandiosa llena de personas talentosisimas. Comenzar a ser parte de Fashion Bloggers Venezuela me pone muy feliz porque se que es una oportunidad super excelente que me permitira conocer a personas que aman las mismas cosas que yo, tanto como yo lo hago.

Todos sabemos que despues de mucha fiesta a veces solo queda cansancio. Y es por eso que el reto del mes de enero con la comunidad es de un outfit completamente “sin esfuerzo”. Con sin esfuerzo no quiero decir que sera un atuendo totalmente loco y desorganizado. Un outfit “Effortless” es aquel que sin necesidad de usar ropa extravangante y agregar mucho, te permite crear un look rapido, facil y a la moda (y por supuesto super comodo).

Para el #RetoEffortless decidi utilizar una camisa de botones oversized que si les cuento de quien es se reiran un monton (Si, es de mi papa). No pero en serio me encanto el resultado  porque al ser tan grande me hacia sentir super comoda y al mismo tiempo muy clasica. Quise combinar la camisa con unos jeans medio rotos y unos sneakers rosa pastel. Esta mezcla de tonos claros y sutiles sin duda te ayudaran a crear un buen outfit en cuestion de segundos. La razon? Porque al ser colores neutros a la hora de combinar es mas facil. Te dan esa sensacion de tranquilidad pero lista para comerte el mundo cuando pongas los pies fuera tu casa.






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