Is it?

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A personal note from your writer:

It sounds crazy but, have you ever asked yourself how sometimes we are able to feel so profoundly when sometimes we can feel almost nothing at all?

It is just insane how we let our thoughts come alive when they are only in our head. How we can feel the rush of adrenaline through our veins when something excites us. How we can merely look at strangers, become soulmates. How we quietly listen to our heartbeats synchronize with somebody else’s because it makes us feel complete. It is tremendous but to feel, even though it can take you to the darkest places inside you, it can make you feel the most powerful human on earth.

I lay down on my bed, look at the ceiling of my room, and let myself imagine a whole new universe full of the things I love the most. But that’s not me right now. I am feeling nothing but strange. Not knowing anything about anything anymore and simply wondering what comes next but with a little bit of hope. Uncertainty, maybe? Is it someone? What is it? And how do I know what to do with it? Should I stop it? Should I keep going? Do I stay or run away? So many questions in my head with no answer close by.

Even though I cannot see it or understand it, there is a reason behind it.

is it love?


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