Dear fears

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When we are little, being in a room full of darkness can be the scariest thing we have ever experienced in our entire life. The idea of riding a bike without the training wheels terrified us and going to school for the first time even more. The worst of our nightmares were based on sleeping without our parents in a bed with monsters living under it; but even though those things were truly horrifying for us, we fought against them by simply turning a light on or smashing our faces into the ground.

When we grow, those fears basically turn shreds. We don’t feel insecure anymore by being in the dark and much less sleeping in a room by ourselves. But although the idea of someone living under our bed is nonexistent for us, we know that those monstrosities have now become into something else.

We are afraid of living a life we don’t want. We are frightened about the idea of being alone with no one that can actually understand us. Spiders don’t terrify us, but the fact of trying something new or out of our comfort zone do. We stop pursuing our dreams and goals by stating that “we are not good enough.” To plan a schedule of five years from now is something horrific and adulting even more. We focus on worthless things and lose some valuable ones. We waste unconditional love and people because simply hearing the word “love” will paralyze us to death. We don’t for sure let us feel what we are supposed to feel because of something called “pain.” We don’t go out there and go beyond our limits. We settle with “no’s” instead of turning into “yes’s.” Because the truth is that we are just so freaking scared with the crazy things we imagine that we don’t even let ourselves to try.

But, what is fear?

Fear is just a word composed of four letters. A word with no meaning whatsoever that gets a connotation everytime we give it to it. Fear is just in our head, in our thoughts, in our surroundings, but is not real. Is it powerful? Perhaps. And only because we are not able to control it. We are not able to take risks. We don’t let ourselves experience the extraordinary. We just don’t let us feel.

Understand that the world is for the bravest, for those that are not afraid of failure, for those who continuously try. Because, you know? It’s ok to fall, it’s ok to make mistakes, it’s even ok to feel scared from time to time.

Fear will permanently be fear, but how are you going to let yourself feel it?


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