Have you ever have the chance to flip things around but you haven’t dared to actually do it?

You overthink it, not once, not twice but multiple times, and only to make sure that what you are doing is what you are supposed to be doing, but are you supposed to do what you think you should be doing?

Life is full of opportunities they say, and they consistently make sure that you know that. They insist that if you lose a chance to do something, you are most likely to get another one around the corner. And they are not wrong, they have never been wrong. When one door closes, another one just opens.

The thing here is that sometimes life will throw you the same opportunity all over again, and the feeling that life is testing you when trying to question your past actions makes you wonder. Like if the result that you got the first time wasn’t the result that it was expected for you. We tried to analyze it but we are reluctant to understand it at first, and instead, we recognized it when is too late, when the chance is gone. You don’t usually get the same opportunity twice, and rarely a third time. Thus, make things better, take all of the possibilities and fail if necessary while taking all of them, but please try because once an opportunity is gone, my dear, it will be gone forever.

So, if you have the opportunity in your hands once again, are you going to repeat the same story or are you going to have the guts to change it around?


2 thoughts on “Chances

  1. Emma says:

    Excelente artículo! 😍 se trata también de “afrontar y desvanecer el miedo a lo que pueda pasar” y correr hacia los “perros” en vez de huirles 😉☺️😊
    A unos nos cuesta mas pero aquí vamos aprovechando las oportunidades y cambiando nuestro entorno 🙏🏻💪🏻
    ¡Admiro mucho la decisión que tomaron y lo que han logrado!
    Un abrazo!!! Que sigan los éxitos 😘😘😘 Cariños a todos

    Liked by 1 person

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