The right timing


I was never so sure of thinking about the possibilities of coinciding with someone at the right time. It sounds absolutely insane, but people can actually save you from drowning in the chaos you have created in your mind. Through the pain, through the tears, through those people.

In the beginning, you don’t realize it, or at least you are not fully conscious of it. Coincidences are the rarest and most remarkable sequence of circumstances that appeared to be anything but are actually extremely meaningful because they are attached to a purpose hidden beyond what we know.

We regret the people that leave out of our lives. We cry them madly and desperately try to make them stay, but some people simply don’t want to stay. However, no matter the reason or the situation, when people leave, some others will come, and those are the most peculiar ones. The ones that without really trying, can save you from all the sorrow and grief that was inside your heart.

Definitely, a coincidence, how people come into your life at a specific time but we are unaware and careless about them. Then they come back again at another time, which is the perfect time somehow, and make you understand that you are who you are and there is nothing wrong with it, and it has never been.


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