Carnival Rides


Let’s start with the weekend recap. As you might or might not know, this whole week was Easter time, which means that you were going to see chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs everyday everywhere. Before actually realizing that it wasn’t a typical week or weekend, I had set in my mind that I was not going to go out, not even to the corner of my house. The reason had to do with the fact that I haven’t stopped with my social life. There have been so many special events in my crazy agenda that I am not longer able to rest as I would want. It’s funny cause I am always convincing myself during the week that I am not setting a foot outside of my house starting Friday, but for some reason, I end up saying “yes” to all plans.

Anyways, as I said, I did something on Friday, Saturday, and well, of course, Sunday; But on Sunday, since it was Easter, I planned the day myself. In the morning, my cousin and I went to had a facial kinda class which, by the way, made my skin feel amazing and then a quick trip to Starbucks. Going back home, we had a terrific family lunch full of even more terrific food. Then, we got ready and went to the Wagner’s Carnival located at the closest mall, just to do something fun but chill. Undoubtedly the greatest choice I had made because we did not only take a thousand pictures but we also rode the wildest thrills and ate the best-fried Oreos. The day didn’t finish there, we got home, ordered pizza, and drank some wine too while playing monopoly. And fun fact, I won. First time in forever cause I had never seen somebody first, finish the game, and second, win or be actually bankrupt.

It was such a great Easter, and I am truly thankful for that!



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