To You

Version 2

There are not enough words that can convey this feeling, and there will never be. When was the last time that you did something for the first time? When was the last time that you gave everything to something that mattered the most?

As I am laying in my bed, having one of those infinitely long nights, I keep playing like movies in my head, a thousand memories that faded away. I played them not once or twice but numerous times, wishing that all of them were back, or at least a bit of them. It’s obnoxious how this situation works, and by obnoxious I mean truly unpleasant because I want to be me again with you but I just can’t. The reason is that we might no longer be the same individuals that once promised each other to be there no matter what. The reason might be that you are simply tired of being around someone like me, or perhaps I am the one who might be tired of trying to fix all once again. I know that you are going to think that I am overreacting, that this is just me complicating things, and that I am just creating non-existing stories in my head; but if everything seems to be perfectly fine, why are we no longer the same?

I am going to be honest over here and straight to the point.

I miss you. I miss the old you and the old me, the old us; but not in the way you think, I genuinely miss us. Those people that would go against the stream no matter the situation. Those people that won’t ever let the other down that would either cry with you, celebrate you or just pick you up to drive for hours while playing those songs that we love. Those people that would talk for the longest time about everything or nothing at all. Those people that would do the silliest things and share the weirdest thoughts. Those people that would fully understand the world and then disagree with you. Those people that would not only be your friends but your family as well. Those people that would protect you infinite times even if it means sharing your jacket when you said you wouldn’t. Those people that would take the other out of the comfort zone to make them see what life was it about. Those people that are just those people to one.

Where are those people?



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