A french fries adventure (recreating Tumblr pictures)


Doesn’t it happen to you that every time you see those Tumblr look type of pictures you just wish to be the ones in it?

The reason why a lot of people like this type of pictures is because the aesthetic of them is simply so cool. They are fresh, they are candid, they are just so inspiring and full of life. Now, the ones that you are going to see over here are not so inspirational, but they are incredibly fun. The thing is that we wanted to recreate all of those fast food pictures in which people are just eating but looking bomb at the same time.

Recreating pictures looks extremely easy but is actually not, and the story behind it proves it (laughs). Starting from the fact that we had to drive to three different Mc Donalds because the first one was being remodeled, the second one was in ruins plus with a crowd of people, and the third one that of course was a regular one. Funny how we drove so far for the perfect pictures🤨. Anyways, we got there, and I ordered my food while waiting for Andres because I was starving. Picture this in your head for a minute, me trying to tell the person who took my order to give me the fries now and the hamburger for later because I needed to take some photos first, embarrassing (laughs). Andres gets there, and we start with the photo shoot right away. We found the perfect spot but guess what? Somebody was actually sitting there. Thus, we waited until the customer had left in order to sit and take some of the shoots in that colorful wall. We ended taking a thousand pictures and actually eating and playing with our food (the reason why Andres looks kinda crazy in some of them).

It was such a fun experience, and all of the pictures can truly say that by itself. The embarrassment with the people at Mc Donalds and the hunger we were having was definitely worth it at the end.

02052018-DSC_038902052018-DSC_044102052018-DSC_039302052018-DSC_029402052018-DSC_0358 202052018-DSC_0410




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