“There’s no one else I want to be, but me”

Laura Stefania Rivas

I was born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela, but my parents decided to move to Houston, Texas. That’s the exact moment when my inspiration came. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been totally in love with clothes, but I never thought that I could be able to take it to another level. Fashion has always been in my blood and that’s why I would like to share my experience with everyone willing to read it.

Yes, I have so many dreams and believe me when I say they are huge. One of them is to become a successful woman in every aspect of my life. But I’m sure that no matter what, where or with who, I want to be happy and as much of myself as I already am.

Here I would like you to feel not only fashion but also moments. This is where you can experience my life on a front row seat and get inspiration with every detail of it. Besides, I want to encourage each reader to trust themselves, live each moment and express their personality through one of my biggest loves, clothes.